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Puerto Rican Teams

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Hi Friends,
I am excited to take my students to the Puerto Rican Teams!  Puerto Rican Teams April 8-10, 2022 (Deadline has been extended to March 20).  I would highly suggest that you go as well!  Why?  Well there are several reasons.
Reasons to go!
#1 Team Spirit - yes, it is exciting to play with a supportive team!
#2 Fabulous location - yes, San Juan, Puerto Rico!
#3 Matches - yes, you will get plenty of quality matches in 3 days!
#4 Experience - yes, you will be playing people from many different countries!
#5 Boost your level - yes, it does count for USATT rating!
#6 Fun - yes, it will be one of the most enjoyable tournaments of the year!
Puerto Rican Teams April 8-10, 2022 (Deadline has been extended to March 20)

Top Players Competing:

  • Adriana Diaz - Ranked #11 in the world
  • Lily Zhang - Ranked #36 in the world
  • Zhou Xin - Former Chinese National Team Member
  • Brian Afanador - Ranked #1 in Puerto Rico
  • Daniel Gonzalez - Puerto Rican Men's Team
  • Melanie Diaz - Ranked #67 in the world
  • Lady Ruano - Olympian
  • Sid Naresh - US National Team
  • Nandan Naresh - US National Team
  • Sarah Jalli - Ranked #8 in the world u17
  • Oscar Birriel - Puerto Rican Men's Team
  • Daniel Tran - US National Team Member
  • Angel Naranjo - Ranked #23 in the world u19

See you soon in Puerto Rico!
Samson Dubina