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Paddle Palace League (1st time is FREE)

Weekly Update

Paddle Palace Ohio League (1st time is free)
Thursday from 6-9pm
Shaw JCC 750 White Pond Dr Akron, Ohio

Anyone can play - all level and all ages welcome
E-mail Coach Samson Dubina to register for this week!

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Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy

Monday, Jan 8th Mini-Group and Open Club Play Begins
Thursday, Jan 11th Winter League
Monday, Jan 15th Mini-Group and Open Club Play
Thursday, Jan 18th Winter League (late start time - League is 7-10pm)
Monday, Jan 22nd Mini-Group and Open Club Play
Thursday, Jan 25th Winter League
Monday, Jan 29th Mini-Group and Open Club Play
Wednesday, Jan 31st Winter League (note that it is on a Wed this week)
Monday, Feb 5th Mini-Group and Open Club Play
Thursday, Feb 8th Winter League
Monday, Feb 12th Mini-Group and Open Club Play

Day 3 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Training Video and Lecture Video!



Today, in the interactive lecture, we discussed various types of drills - systematic, semi-systematic, random, multi-location from both sides, open ended, and game situation drills...  detailing the reasons for each drills and at what stages each drill should be implemented.  We also talked about the 10 stages of implementing footwork (see video below).


Day 2 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Check out the NEW VIDEO and ARTICLE!

With a 1.5 hour interactive footwork lecture and 5 hours of training on the table, the players had a full day of footwork. During the 1.5 we discussed the importance of racket positioning, the proper way to balance, as well as the positioning of the legs and feet. The bulk of the lecture was spent discussing the 10 ways of moving….
#1 Simple side movement (shuffle) with beginner and advanced variations
#2 Long-distance crossover
#3 Simple in-and-out
#4 In-and-out jump
#5 Short game 1-step
#6 Short game 2-step
#7 Lateral blocking footwork

Day 1 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Video and Article

League Finals

Win $500 Cash!

Dear Table Tennis Players,


December 27-30 Mega Camp Sightseeing

Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
Event Info
Nov 1st Early-Bird Discount!
Throughout the intense week of training 2 sessions per day plus some additional interactive lectures, we will have 2 short sightseeing adventures together as a group.  I'll send out a short survey at the beginning of December to ask the participants about their interest.  
Here will be your activities to choose from
Lock 3 Winter Fest

Samson vs Seth

Check out the video from the Open Singles Final RR at the Millcreek Open

2017 Midwest Jr Championships

Tournament Results, Photos, Videos!

Check it out!


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