Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Day 3 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Training Video and Lecture Video!



Today, in the interactive lecture, we discussed various types of drills - systematic, semi-systematic, random, multi-location from both sides, open ended, and game situation drills...  detailing the reasons for each drills and at what stages each drill should be implemented.  We also talked about the 10 stages of implementing footwork (see video below).


For the first 2.5 hour training session, we focused on defense footwork - learning to watch the opponent, move into position, time the ball properly, while keeping it low and to the designated areas.  After the systematic and semi-systematic footwork drills we spent the remaining timing working on forehand in-and-out footwork discussing the reasons for moving closing, the situations to move back, and the technique for moving.  The in-and-out footwork was extremely challenging and most of the players were excited to take a much-needed dinner break.


After dinner, we came back for another 2.5 hours of in-and-out footwork.  This session, the players moved much more smoothly on the forehand in-and-out.  On the backhand in-and-out, we discussed how the movement is different for different styles.  There are 3 different (yet correct) ways to move with backhand in-and-out footwork.  Most of the players chose A or C.  Movement B was a bit too weird.  This session finished with linking offense and defense together in a blocking looping drill that was performed by both players simultaneously, then we finished the night with some match play.  


Tomorrow is the 4th and final day of the training camp.  We will be discussing anticipation, probabilities, indicators, and match performance.  I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU to the many players who flew here to Ohio to train.  It has really been a joy for myself and the other coaches and practice partners to working with this group of enthsiastic athletes ranging from age 7 to 70!  See you tomorrow!