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Friend is FREE.....You get a PRIZE!!!!

Thursday, Oct 27 is INVITE-A-FRIEND-WEEK for the Paddle Palace Ohio League!!!!
Every player who invites a first-visitor will receive a free bonus.  The visitor will receive a free JCC family day-pass and you will receive a free pack of NITTAKU PREMIUM BALLS.  This offer is one day only.  Please encourage your family and friends to come!  This is the best way possible to grow the league.  Bonuses are in limited quantity.  Please e-mail me today to register your friends and family members!

Diary of a 10-Year-Old (Part II)

By Sarah Jalli

It is a great experience to be at the 2016 Womens World Cup. I arrived on Friday and watched a few group matches. Here are a few things that I learned from watching the group matches. 
1. Most of the players's serves are half long and short.
2. Most of the players used their surprise serve at key points. Their surpise serves were often long and fast with some variation of spin.

New Table Tennis Rule

Read the Details!

Dear Players,
Starting on October 1st, the ITTF rules of table tennis will be changed to permit advice between points. This rule has been tested for several years in the German professional league, and will now apply to almost all competition worldwide.
However, upon advice from various committees, the USATT Board of Directors has voted not to apply the new rule to domestic tournaments. For normal USATT sanctioned tournaments, the old coaching rule will apply; advice between points will not be permitted.

Newgy Ohio Labor Day Open

By Blake Cottrell

Newgy Ohio Labor Day Open
September 2-3
Akron, Ohio
By Blake Cottrell

Antoine Bernadet Wins Newgy Ohio Labor Day Open, Sezer sets Record!!

USATT Record

25 Match in 1 Day!

The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to congradulate 44-year-old Alper Sezer for setting a new USATT record!
During the Newgy Ohio Labor Day Open on September 3rd, Alper played 25 Tournament Matches in a single day!  So how did he do it?
u1800 Giant Round Robin (6 matches)
u1800 quarters, semis, finals (3 matches)
u1700 Giant Round Robin (6 matches)
u1700 quarters, semis, finals (3 matches)
u2000 Giant Round Robin (6 matches)
u2000 quarterfinals (1 match)

Junior Tournament


The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to thank the kids ages 5-12 who participated in our August 20th Junior tournament.  We hope that many of you will now have the confidence to step up and play in our September 2-3 USATT Sanctioned tournament here in Akron Ohio.
1st Joshua Dipadova
2nd Barnabas Dipadova
3rd Aiden Norin
4th Julia Penkhasov
5th Mark Penkhasov
6th Fiona Dubina
7th Caleb Graber
8th Judah Graber

Newgy Labor Day Tournament

Join us September 2-3!!!!

Dear Tournament Players,

Upcoming Events

Join us for tournaments, clinics, and leagues!

August 5-6 Clinic
August 20 Kids Tournament (Ages 6-12)
September 2-3 USATT Sanctioned Tournament ($3000)

Upcoming Events

Check out our list of upcoming clinics, tournaments, leagues, and group classes

Click here to see the updated listing of events happening at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy:
June 24-25 Tactics Clinic
September 2-3 Tournament
Every Tuesday Kids Classes
Every Tuesday Teen/Adult Classes
Every Thursday League (all levels)

Tournament Sponsorship

Four Packages Available!

Our next major tournament is the Newgy Ohio Labor Day Open, September 2-3 here in Akron Ohio.
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