Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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Tournament Players

Read the event details...

If you are playing in the March 20-21 Newgy Ohio Open, please read the tournament details listed below...
#1 Correct Events 
Check to make sure that you are registered for the correct events:


Table Tennis Supporters!

With the help of our loyal sponsors, we have made this year's Newgy Ohio Open bigger and better than ever.  Please support these companies as they do their best to promote table tennis in Ohio!  Thanks!
Feather Crafts N' Things! Top-quality candles and other household items handcrafted right here in Canton, Ohio.  These amazing items will be for sale during the tournament.  Be sure to stop by the booth and see the selection.  The staff of Feather Crafts N’ Things will be happy to answer your questions and meet your needs.

Ben Larcombe

Read a detailed review from Ben Larcombe!

International Table Tennis Skills - DVD Review
By Coach Ben Larcombe (United Kingdom)
I’ve never had a table tennis DVD before. I’ve watched hours and hours of table tennis online but I’ve never had an actual physical copy of a table tennis DVD. That is until now. Samson Dubina, a professional table tennis player and coach from the US, has just released a training DVD called ‘International Table Tennis Skills’ and was kind enough to send me a copy to watch and review.

Tournament Time

Read the 7 Reasons

The March 20-21 Newgy Ohio Open is one of the most anticipated events of the year.  If you have not signed up yet, we hope that you will consider it.  Many of the events are nearly full.  Here are 7 reasons that we want you to consider...
#1 Reason - Matches
You should come to our tournament because you get the most matches for your money.  You can expect to play 7-10 matches per event! 
#2 Reason – Choices

Test Time

How much do you REALLY know about FOOTWORK?

During this 6-hour group session on footwork, each student will be responsible for taking notes.  At the end of the clinic, each player will be given this open-book test to see how much he remembers. 

Tournament Volunteers Needed

See the activities and timetables

We are looking for volunteers to assist us at our 3-star tournament on March 20-21.  We will compensate you for your time with money or give you a discount on your event fees.  Here are the jobs that we are currently needing assistance for.
Friday, March 20th  7am-noon table moving
Friday, March 20th  1pm-3pm table setup and barrier assembly
Friday, March 20th 4pm-9pm entering scores and table assignments
Saturday, March 21st 9am-1pm entering scores and table assigments

Sponsors Needed

Please Consider Partnering With Us!

We are actively looking for tournament sponsors for our March 20-21 event.  This presigious event will feature many of the top players in the US on 40 tournament tables competing for over $4000 in prize money.  Here are the sponsorship packages that we are currently offering:
Platinum Sponsorship ($2000)
Booth at the Tournament Venue
Tournament Barriers Advertisement Silkscreened with Company Name and Logo on Premier Court

Angela Guan

Skype Student Makes History!

Congrats to skype student Angela Guan for making table tennis history!  This week, at the 2014 World Junior Championships, Angela Guan and the US Girl's Team won a bronze medal; this is the first world junior championship medal ever won by a US Team.  Keep up the good work Angela!  Best wishes in the singles and doubles competition this week!

College + TT Comparison

Learn, Practice, Apply, Perform

In College, you learn new information from lectures and from personal study.  Each week, your professor will likely send home a short homework assignment then about twice per month, you will likely take a quiz over the new material.  About half-way through the semester, you will have a mid-term then at the end of the semester take a final exam.


2014 Champs and 2015 Info

Here are the winners of the 2014 Ohio Circuit!!!
Over 2000 Division
1st Place Ali Khatami 34 points 
2nd Place Samson Dubina 33 points  

Under 2000 Division
Tied for 1st place Shreyans Bafna 38 points 
Tied for 1st place Blake Cottrell 38 points 


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