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Shaw JCC

Table Tennis, Swimming, Fitness, and More

Dear Table Tennis Community,
The Shaw JCC recently welcomed the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy to their state-of-the-art facility where we are now hosting weekly leagues, group clinics, and national-level tournaments!  As the JCC strives to grow the sport, we encourage you to participate the dozens of other fitness programs that they offer.
Included with your membership:

Major Tournaments

Join us as we continue to grow the sport!

Here at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, we are in the business of running quality events - group classes, private lessons, exhibitions, and national level tournaments.  Go to the "Tournaments and Clinics" link at the top to see our complete list of upcoming events:

Check out this listing of ping pong clubs in your neighborhood!

Here in Ohio, there are 19 table tennis clubs.  At various facilities, you can drop in a play a few games, take a private lesson, join a group class, participate in a league, play a major tournament, or possibly even purchase some equipment.  We have posted this listing so that you can find a club in your city and begin sparring against some locals.  Check out the listing...
NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy 

Seth Pech Interview

Get advice for a rising star

Interview with Champion Seth Pech
Major Titles: 2016 Aurora Cup u2400 Champion
2016 Aurora Cup u2600 3rd Place
2015 Paddle Palace Open Champion
Currently Ranked: #2 in Ohio
Former Ohio Junior Champion
Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio
DOB: August 16, 1995
Favorite Food: Pasta
Sponsors: Paddle Palace
Numbers of Years Played: 12 years
Playing Style: Two-Wing Attacker
Q1.  In 2015, you trained for 5 months in Sweden. Tell me about your training.

Olympic Trials

Read an update for fans, friends, and family

Dear Table Tennis Community,
I might not be the best table tennis player in the US, but I definitely have the most support!

Arnold Table Tennis Challenge

USATT Sanctioned 4-Star Tournament!!!

Come to Ohio for the Arnold Table Tennis Challenge featuring 3-days of intensive competition at the Arnold Sports Festival!!!  The festival will have over 200,000 spectators!  Bring your family and friends for this exciting event!
Entry Form:
Player Listing:

Tournament Photos ^.^

Paddle Palace Akron Open

Check out the awesome photos from CLJ Studios!!!

My life

Take the 10-Question Quiz

How well do you know me?
Take the 10 question quiz!
1.      From age 8-15, what sport did I play nearly every day?
A.     Tennis
B.     Pickleball
C.     Volleyball
2.      How old was I when I started a bicycle business and sold 1000 bikes?
A.     8
B.     11
C.     14
3.      The only bone that I ever broke was my sternum.  How did it happen?
A.     Car accident
B.     Skiing accident
C.     Rolling out-of-bed

Season Finals

Thursday Night Tournaments!

The season finals finished last Thursday with some excellent competition in all divisions and many satisfied players.  Throughout the tournaments this year, we had over 100 players compete.  Next season, our goal is to reach 200.  Updates on the next season coming soon.  Check back to for updates.
The top 6 players with the most wins received prizes this season.  Congrats to the winners...
#1 Samson Dubina
#2 Jason Zhang
#3 Sarah Jalli
#4 Chris Jordan

No League This Week

Rosh Hashana

The Shaw JCC will be closed this week for Rosh Hashana.  Please note that there will be no league or junior classes.
See you next week!
If you have questions, you can e-mail Coach Samson Dubina


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