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90% of TT Players Have THIS Problem

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Dear Students,
During the 19 days that the academy has been closed, I have been very pleased by hearing of the great lessons that Chance Friend and Mark Hendricks have given at the club.  Additionally, many of you have continued working diligently at home making daily improvements with fitness, robot training, multiball, video analysis, and serve practice.  I'm very happy to see the progress!  

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3 Reasons for Table Tennis

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Two Aspects of Rallies

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Two Primary Aspects to Rallying
-By Coach Samson Dubina
If you want to win the long rallies, there are two main things that you need to do well.  Branching out from these two categories, there are dozens and dozens of sub-categories.  In the article, I’ll be explaining the two main ones – adjustability and forcing your opponent to adjust.
#1 Adjustability


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