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3 Keys to Winning Close Games

Tactical Video by Samson Dubina


International Tournament Experience

7 Min Discussion by Samson Dubina and Sarah Jalli


Dwell Time

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Do You Value Your Time?

New Coaching Video - By Samson Dubina


7 Keys to Developing a NEW Serve

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7 Keys to Developing a New Serve

In table tennis, there are some standard serves and there are also some unusual serves. Should you be creative or just follow the crowd? Well creativity is always good, but there are a few basic principles that you need to follow when coming up with a new motion…

Healthy For Your Mind

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NEW Power Pong Videos

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So you want to improve?
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Equipment Reviews - by Sarah Jalli

NOW these products are available at Paddle Palace
Check out the NEW Equipment reviews by u15 and u17 US National Champion Sarah Jalli!

Growing the Sport

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Forehand Weight Transfer

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