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An article related to improving players table tennis skills.

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Mental Game

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The Talent Code

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30 Opponents?

Are there really 30 different styles in table tennis?


Training Reminders

Just a few things to remember...

Hi ___________ Online Student,
Today, I wanted to give you some reminders about your game.  I would recommend printing this list out, having it next to the table, and spending 30 seconds reviewing this list before each of your training sessions.
Forehand Loop Against Topspin

Online Coaching

ITTF Coach Samson Dubina

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Ball Placement

4 Drills to Enhance Your Placement Ability!


7 Aspects of Tournament Performance

Do These NOW!

There are 7 important aspects of tournament success. 
Here they are...
#1 The Mindset - Just Another Day of Practice
During training, you raise your level.  During tournaments, you perform the way you practiced.  Just that, just have the mindset to play your game, your playing system.  Make good decisions, adjust as necessary and try to play relaxed and normal.
#2 The Thoughts


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