Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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The Amateur vs The Pro

Boost Your Level By Making Small Adjustments

When an amateur player becomes inconsistent with his backhand loop, he just starts pushing…
When an amateur player becomes inconsistent with his forehand smash, he just starts blocking…
When an amateur player can’t keep his best serve short, he stops serving it…
When an amateur player has a problem, he can’t fix it. 
When a professional player encounters an inconsistency in his game, he realizes the problem, and immediately fixes it.
For example…    When a professional player loops a push into the net, he knows that there are several solutions that he can use to fix the problem.
#1 He can move into better position.  Without proper positioning, he won’t be able to smoothly stroke through the ball giving him enough spin to lift it.  By watching his opponent’s racket better and anticipating the location, he will have a clearer picture as to where to move.  He remembers that he must move first then swing.
#2 He can move closer to the table.  When he is far from the table, his racket is moving forward to meet the ball.  By moving closer, his racket can go more down to up – giving more lift.
#3 He can start his racket lower.  When lifting a very heavy push, he knows that it takes a substantial amount of lift; by starting lower, he will have more lifting power.
#4 He can use his legs more.  The more legs that he uses, the more lift he will get.
#5 He can open his racket angle more.  Instead of contacting the top of the ball, he will contact lower on the ball.  If the earth were a globe, he would try to contact just below the equator. 
#6 He can spin more.  At the point of contact, he will focus on lightly brushing the ball which will give more lift, more control, bring the ball down, and give his opponent more trouble.
As you can see, when the pro has a problem, he doesn’t just pack away his shot.  NO!  He fixes the problem and uses his weapons.  When you encounter various problems in club play or tournaments, focus on fixing your problems not running away from your problems.