Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Power Pong Omega



Champions...  what sets them apart from the competition???  Well there are a number of things.

  • Making Realistic Goals
  • Having a Game Plan
  • Getting Expert Advice 
  • Being Dedicated
  • Setting Aside Daily Time for Quality Training
  • Maintaining a Long-Term Perspective
  • Being Mentally Tough
  • Being Physically Tough
  • Being Emotionally Tough
  • Going Beyond the Call of Duty to Make Daily Progress

Do you want to be a champion?  Do you have the ability to get daily training?  With the latest technology now available, Power Pong is brining expert training direct to your home!  Need Coaching?  Yes!  Each robot also comes with FREE lessons from Coach Samson Dubina!  

More info:  Website
Training videos:  Videos
Contact Samson:  330-949-9230

See you soon at your next online robot lesson!!!
Coach Samson Dubina