Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Pan Am Youth Championships

2021 Pan Am Youth Championships
Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic
Team USA had great start to the week by winning…
Under 15 Girls Teams – Gold
Under 15 Boys Teams – Gold
Under 19 Girls Teams – Gold
Under 19 Boys Teams – Bronze
The under 15 girls started off with three of the best teams in the same preliminary group – US, Canada, and Brazil.  US swept the group, continued winning in the elimination and beat Canada for a second time in the final with a 3-0 win!  Great job Sarah Jalli, Sally Moyland, Emily Tan, Faith Hu, and Coach Gao Jun!
The under 15 boys started off with the US defeating both Mexico and Dominican Republic 3-0.  The quarterfinals was tough.  With a very odd draw, the US was up against the #1 seed in the quarterfinals – Brazil.  After a 3.5 hour battle, the US came out on top with Nandan winning 1 match and Daniel Tran saving 4 match points to win 2 matches.  The US boys continued on to defeat Puru 3-0 in the semis and Dominican Republic 3-0 in the final.  Great job Daniel Tran, Nandan Naresh, Darius Fahimi, and Jensen Feng!
The under 19 girls started off with the US totally dominating with 3-0 wins through the groups and quarterfinals.  The semis and finals were a bit tougher, but the US still won 3-1 in both.  Great job Coach Gao Jun and great job Team Captain Amy Wang for going undefeated and team Joanna Sung, Rachel Sung, and Angie Tan for their great playing and support!
The under 19 boys had some very high-level matches.  The US defeated Columbia 3-0 and Chile 3-1!  The US continued winning with a great 3-1 victory over Mexico in the semis and was halted in the semis with a loss to Brazil.  Fabulous playing by Jayden Zhou only dropping a single match in the team event.  Great coaching Cory Eider and great work team – Jayden Zhou, Sid Naresh, Aziz Zehrebin, and Kai Jiang!
Action continues with the…
U15 boys singles
U15 girls singles
U19 boys singles
U19 girls singles
U15 boys doubles
U15 girls doubles
U15 mixed doubles
U19 girls singles
U19 boys singles
U19 girls doubles
U19 boys doubles
U19 mixed doubles