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Choosing Drills

NEW Article by Samson Dubina

Hi Friends,
I have been a full-time table tennis coach for 14 years, and there are 2 primary pitfalls that people encounter when choosing drills.  Check out the 2 pitfalls then watch the videos below...
Pitfall #1
They only isolate one aspect of their game and practice it again and again.  They just hit the same ball again and again doing hours of forehands and backhands and wonder why they can't link the serve return, 4th ball opening, 6th ball counterloop, and 8th ball smash in match play.
Pitfall #2
They turn everything into a game-situation drill or only do match play.  This is ok, but over time, they feel that everything is mediocre and they don't have any defined strengths.  Also, they can't fix their problems because they are just practicing everything in general and nothing specifically.
So what do I recommend?
Take 1 hour in your day and list in detail your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, game patterns, and write about your best and worst matches.  Now start with your strengths.  How strong are they?  Are you able to set up your strengths with appropriate serves and receives?  Are you able to follow up after your strengths with additional strong shots.  
Now here are the defining questions...   
drumroll please...  
#1 Are your strengths strong enough?  
#2 Are you able to link them with your other shots?
If your strengths aren't strong enough, then spend much time in 2023 isolating them and getting them stronger.  If your strengths are strong but you aren't able to link them, then spend more time with game situation drills starting with serve or receive and going through the stroke progress and open to free point.  The reality is that some of you do have great training partners, others do not.  If you don't have a great training partner available to play whenever you want, I want you to consider purchasing a Power Pong robot this season.  This robot can do EVERYTHING.  It can give a variation serve, deep push, topspin rally, smash, and sidespin lob all sequenced together.  Additionally, the robot can isolate a simple ball and you can get thousands of repetitions again and again!  Whatever your goals are for 2023, the Power Pong Robot can help you!  Check out the videos below...
Linking Drill:
Isolating Drill:
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See you soon!
Samson Dubina