Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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A Daring Challenge

Try this out for 2 weeks each year...

Each year, you should take about 2 weeks and try to experiment with some new skills in your table tennis game.  During this time, instead of focusing on matches, focus on practice.  Try to play every day with a robot or training partner.  Here are some possible new things to try…
Instead of playing only 1 distance, try playing slightly closer to the table or slightly further back from the table.
Instead of looping with the same spin, try to add slightly more or less spin to give your loops more variation.
Instead of perfecting your current serve, try some new serves like backhand or hook or reverse pendulum or tomahawk.
Serve Return.
Instead of returning short serves with a push, try to develop a consistent flip with good placement.
Instead of hitting your normal blocks, loops, and pushes, try adding a bit of sidespin as a tricky variation.
Instead of trying to attack every ball, allow your opponent to attack sometimes while you practice your chopping, passive blocking, active blocking, and counterloop.
Instead of continually working on your basic footwork, try some advance moves like in-and-out or crossover step.
Instead of merely hitting to your opponent’s forehand and backhand, try hitting wider to see if you can widen the angles.
The possibilities are endless.  After your two weeks of experimenting, write out a list of 2-3 things that you feel are vital for your improvement.  Spend the next 12 months working hard to improve these areas.  Ask advice from coaches and other club members.  Record your practice sessions and games while being persistent to make the changes.