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Day 4 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Article and Video

Today was the best day because the players had a much more in-depth understanding of footwork and how footwork is closely related to every aspect of the game - from receiving serves, to pushing, to looping, to blocking, to smashing, to counterlooping AND they learned about the various types of movements.  With all this knowledge, we were about to piece together the puzzle implementing some drills involving both players attacking and defending during the same point as well as some tactical drills involving probabilites and indicators.  Nearly all of the players took several pages of notes and diligently reviewed them during breaks realizing that application is the key - it isn't just about more practice, it is about quality practice doing the right things and working toward the long-term goal.  By day 4, the players developed THAT understanding and now realize why notetaking is so vitally important.



Note to the players:  Thanks for your hard work today.  If you want to review the outline from the drills today, see below...



Session 7 - Footwork, Anticipation, Game-Situation Drills, Linking Offense and Defense

Saturday 12:30pm-3pm


This footwork session will be based on anticipation based on the placement of your shot.  This is one of the most important aspects of footwork – it is actually more mental than physical.  Not only will we be teaching you the skill, but you will be doing drills for the entire time to perfect the skill.

12:30-12:40Light jogging and stretching

12:40-12:50Forehand warmup

12:50-1:00  Backhand warmup

1:00-1:10    2 forehand attacks – 2 forehand blocks both sides continuous

1:10-1:20    Lecture on anticipation footwork

1:20-1:40    Backhand rally – when attacking player changes – free point

1:40-2:00    Forehand rally – when attacking player changes – free point

2:00-2:10    Break

2:10-2:30    random against backhand block – attacking player changes then free point

2:30-2:50    same as above but starting with the serve

2:50-3:00    Closing comments and note taking




Session 8 – Footwork, Probabilities, Indicators, Match Play, Fitness

Saturday 3:30pm-6pm


This is the best session of the week – probabilities and indicators.  This footwork session will be very game-like and each player will have customized drills for their playing style.  There will also be match play and closing camp lecture at the end of this session.

3:30-3:40    Light jogging and stretching

3:40-3:45    Forehand warmup

3:45-3:50    Backhand warmup

3:50-4:00    2 forehand attacks – 2 forehand blocks both sides continuous

4:00-4:10    Lecture on probabilities vs indicators

4:10-4:30    Serve combinations

4:30-4:50    Serve combinations

Text Box:  4:50-5:00    Break

5:00-5:20    Match play

5:20-5:40    Top Table

5:40-5:50    Core fitness training

5:50-6:00    Closing comments and note taking




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