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Fitness Challenge

Check it out!

Hey everyone!
Table tennis is a great way to get into shape, but it still doesn’t cover all your bases. If you’re serious about your health and you want to continue to have the ability to enjoy playing table tennis well into your golden years, you’ll need to perform a little physical training on the side too.
So join me on this 30-day table tennis fitness challenge!
It’s really simple. 
Everyone who signs up for the challenge will get a workout program that’s optimized for table tennis, PLUS direct coaching support from a certified trainer who will answer your questions, review your form, and provide motivation and accountability!
This program is fully remote and can be performed on your own time at home, or at your local gym. It will work well for both beginners and more serious athletes.
Each person who completes all the workouts for the whole month will be entered for a chance to win prizes:

  • A new sheet of rubber
  • Box of balls
  • Signed copy of Peak Performance Table Tennis
  • And More!

So if you’re interested in getting in better shape while also…

  • Increasing the POWER of your point-winning shots
  • Increasing your SPEED & AGILITY so you’re moving like lightning around the court
  • Reducing your risk of injury
  • And increasing your confidence via the "tight jersey effect"

Then you should join me on this challenge!
To run this challenge, I’ll be partnering with certified trainer, Kevin Finn from Peak Performance Table Tennis. 
The challenge isn’t free, but since you’re one of my followers, you’ll get a hefty discount if you join, bringing the price down to less than a dollar per day.
If you’re interested in participating, hit this link and enter your name and email address:
Sign Up Here
The deadline to apply is Sep 16, 2022 and the challenge itself will begin October 1st.
Because each member of the challenge will be getting direct coaching support from Kevin, we’re capping the number of participants at 25 so everyone can get plenty of attention.
So sign up now to save your seat!
Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email from Kevin with the details for how to join.
Let’s do this!
- Samson
Here’s a link to a short video that provides an overview of the challenge as well! 

If you’re not sure, sign up now just in case to save your spot! By signing up, you’re simply indicating your interest in the program. No hard commitment and no hard feelings if you change your mind!
Here’s the link to sign up:

Save My Seat