Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Five Ways to Dominate!

Match Reminders

In table tennis, there are five different ways to win points…
1. Speed
2. Spin
3. Placement
4. Variation
5. Consistency
Ma Long wins most of his points with speed and consistency.  Ma Lin wins many points with speed and spin.  Waldner wins many points with variation.  Rye Seung Min wins many points with speed.  Wang Zhen wins many points with consistency and variation.  Professional players each have their own unique style.  However, if they begin losing, they adjust their game strategy and use another elements to win points.  For example, if Timo Boll starts the match winning many points with the spin on his serve and spin on his loop, then he continues to use the same strategy.  If he starts losing, he must re-evaluate his game and choose another aspect to focus on. 
Maybe he could continue to same strategy but improve his placement…
Maybe he could push himself to attack earlier and play more power…
Maybe he could vary his spin more and vary his shot selection more…
Maybe he could continue the same strategy and focus on being more consistent…
Before you begin a match, you should consider the five elements listed above.  Think about what will be your main way to win points against this particular opponent.  Throughout the match, be willing to adjust and readjust your strategy.  If you can learn to win points with a good blend of all 5 elements, you will be a complete player and be able to adjust to any opponent.