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International Summer Camps

All Ages, All Levels!

Hi Friends!

Many of you are planning to sign up today, but some of your had some questions.  In this e-mail, I'll be answering the FAQS...
#1 What is the schedule?
Daily training from 10am-12:30pm and 2pm-4:30pm each day.  In the evenings, we have optional sessions with match play.
#2 Who can attend?
All ages and all levels - kids, teens, adults, seniors, and families!  Everyone will be working on level appropriate skills.  We will have about 10 national team players coming, but don't be scared to sign up, the group is going to have plenty of players 500 level, 1200 level, 1800 level, 2300 level, all ages, all levels.

#3 What are the topics of the sessions?
Week 1 will have much content about stroke variations - taking your current game and adding more depth to it with new variations in looping, counterlooping, blocking, smashing, and other rally aspects.
Week 2 will be focused on footwork details - learning about balance, positioning, timing, probabilities, and indicators.
Both weeks are excellent!  It is highly recommended that you attend both weeks and the major tournament in-between.

#4 When is the tournament?
Our major USATT tournament is Saturday, June 17th.

#5 What if I can only come for 1 week?
No problem!  You can come for 1 week for $470.

#6 What if I only want to come for some of the sessions?
Then you can pay $47 per session.

#7 What about housing?
Our housing options are now full.  However, we highly highly recommend Residence Inn - it includes airport transportation (compliments of Residence Inn) as well as free high speed internet, free breakfast, a workout facility, and a pool.

#8 When is the deadline?
No deadline - but enter asap to reserve your spot!

#9 Is the camp almost filled up?
Yes, we should be completely full soon!  So I would highly recommend signing up today!
#10 What if I want to come early?
Yes, we have excellent training throughout April, May, and June!  Come join our daily training!

#11 Other Questions?
For payment questions, e-mail Blake
For private lessons questions, e-mail Jeff
For transportation questions, e-mail Tim
For other camp questions, e-mail Samson or text 330-949-9230


Summer Camps and Major USATT Tournament (June 12-23)

We are thrilled to have two full weeks of summer camp combined with a major USATT Tournament!  Flexible?  Yes, we know that you have a busy schedule, so we are now giving 100% flexibility in which sessions you attend!  The cost is only $47 for 1/2 day training!  Come for a day, come for a week, or come for both weeks, we would love to have you come June 12-23!  
We are almost full!  Sign up today to reserve your spot!

International Summer Camps and Major USATT Tournament
Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy
June 12-23, 2023

You have 4 registration options:

  • #1 Text me 330-949-9230 and I will get you signed up
  • #2 Send a paypal payment to
  • #3 Make an online account and sign up online
  • #4 Stop by the Pro Shop today and the cool dude at the front desk will be happy to help you!

See you soon right here in Akron, Ohio!
Coach Samson Dubina