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Jumping to NEW Heights!

Learn how to peak for your next tournament!

In this blog, I will be outlining five vital steps in a peaking for a tournament 30 days from now.
#1 Same Equipment
Every time you change equipment, it takes 2-3 weeks to fully adjust.  During those 2-3 week, your game will go down slightly.  Make sure that you keep using the same rubber, blade, glue, and shoes during those final 30 days before your big event.
#2 Same Strokes
During the final 30 days of tournament prep, don’t make stroke changes.  When the pressure of the tournament comes, you will revert back to your old strokes anyway.  Thirty days is not enough time to completely change bad habits.  Write a list of your strengths.  Think about how you can maximize your strengths without making major changes to your game.
#3 Analyze
Learn to analyze opponents by watching player at your club.  See their serving variations, serve return style, and common patterns.  This will be important at your major tournament 30 days from now.  When you are at your event, you might have 5-10 minutes to watch your opponent play against someone else in the round robin group.  During that 5-10 minutes, you need to be able to quickly point out some strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.
#4 Practice Matches
Play at least ten practice matches per week taking them seriously like a tournament.  Be sure to use your six-point towel breaks and write brief notes between games.
#5 Tournaments
Two practice tournaments are the most essential part of your 30-day preparation.  During these two tournaments, you will be able to test all parts of your game – including the mental aspect.  After each match, take detailed notes about your game.  Before your major event, take small steps toward perfection and you will see a major difference.
Long Term
It takes about six months for a professional player to properly peak for a tournament.  His preparation includes physical training, mental training, nutritional discipline, video analysis, and tournament play.  


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