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Just play the game! ...OR

...Or call an umpire?

In the US, most tournament matches are not umpired.  However, you can request an umpire if there is a problem.  So when should you seek help from a tournament official?  You should get help when your opponent is getting an unfair advantage from something like his serve. 
Get an umpire if…
1. Your opponent is throwing the ball into the racket and getting an unfair advantage
2. Your opponent is hiding the ball and getting an unfair advantage
3. Your opponent is spinning the ball with his fingers and getting an unfair advantage
4. Your opponent is throwing the ball back excessively and getting an unfair advantage
Don’t get an umpire if…
1. Your opponent is tossing the ball 4” instead of 6” (there is no advantage for him)
2. Your opponent is cupping the ball (there is no advantage for him)
3. Your opponent is putting the ball in his fingers instead of his palm (there is no advantage for him)
4. Your opponent is tossing the ball over the table by 1” (there is no advantage for him)
5. Your opponent is dropping the ball under the table by 1” (there is no advantage for him)
You should not complain just to complain…  and should not complain to break his momentum.  However, if he is truly winning points from his illegal whatever, then you have the right to get help from an official.  Also, it is important that you mention something in a gentle tone.  Instead of calling your opponent a cheater, you might just mention to him that there is a problem (specify) that he might not be aware of and you feel the need to get an official. 
Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.


Hi Friends,
Players of all skill levels are rapidly improving here in Ohio! We recently became one of the first academies to take a player from 0-2000 in only 1 year.
The top 3 juniors in Ohio are now...
Nandan Naresh - rated 2688
Senura Silva - rated 2621
Sid Naresh - rated 2607
So how are they improving so quickly?
There are 4 primary keys that they are implementing...
#1 Daily Teamwork
All of the players at our academy work together as a team - higher rated and lower rated are training together helping each other and strengthening each other.
#2 Focused Details
Every single drill has a goal and each player has a personalized goal within the drill as well. They aren't just going through the motions of hitting the ball, they are daily sharpening each aspect of each skill.
#3 Professional Approach
No matter who is on the other side of the table, there are always way to improve. Playing with a higher player, they challenge their skills. Playing with a lower player, they dominate and strengthen their playing system.
#4 Daily Testing
They are regularly testing their skills with daily practice matches, weekly league matches, and monthly tournament matches. Based on the daily results, they make adjustments to their training programs and work on more and more tiny details! Do these details matter? Absolutely! And the results speak for themselves! Sid Naresh recently finished in the top 3 in the country at the Men's National Team Trials. Nandan Naresh recently took the top spot on the u17 National team, top spot on the u19 national team, and the top spot on the Men's National Team!
Do you want to join us?
If you are 2000-2800 level, we have both morning and evening training daily.
If you are under 2000, you can join our evening training and weekly leagues.
For more info about training, housing, and personalized programs, send me a text 330-949-9230 to my personal phone. I'll follow-up with a call and discuss your training plans! April, May, and June are excellent months to come practice with us!
See You Soon!
Coach Samson Dubina