Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Mental Game


Mental vs Physical





Tanzeela has a tough time maintaining focus and keeping her eyes in the court, Joe lacks confidence against higher rated opponents giving them too-much respect, Jacob puts too much pressure on himself to win during tournaments, Roger is lacking motivation, Sarah is too critical of herself after a lost point, Chris hesitates to counterattack, Chance has a hard time concentrating when the lighting is 200 lux, Scott doesn't like controversial opponents, Samson has a hard time transitioning from coach-mode to athlete-mode, Aiden lacks motivation to begin a daily training program, Matthew lacks confidence to problem-solve when losing, Fiona has a difficult time watching the opponent's racket and track the ball, Kenzie has a hard time picking the right ball to play strong and the ball to play control, Chester has a difficult time focusing on a simple game-plan, Siri lacks confidence to take the full-swing, Richard struggles with staying neural and watching the opponent, Laura freezes up when her opponent gives her something new, the list goes on and on...




There are as many mental issues in our sport as their are physical issues!



A recent online poll shows that table tennis players agree that our sport is at least 50% mental. However, we often train 99% of the time on the physical and only 1% on the mental aspect! I'm VERY VERY happy to say that our last 2 training camps of the summer will be dealing with BOTH the mental and physical side of the game. We will be teaching you some new aspects of the mental game that you can't find anywhere else... except here at the Ohio Mega Camps!




We strongly encourage you to attend...

Ohio Mega Camp #3 on July 29 - Aug 2

Ohio Mega Camp #4 on August 5-9




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