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NEW Record

Great Job Sarah Jalli!

15-year-old Breaks All-Time Record
Table Tennis athlete Sarah Jalli has been working night and day to improve her table tennis skills and prepare for the 2024 Olympics.  Last weekend, at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, she racked up 28 wins in a national-level tournament to boost her ranking beyond any Ohio 15-year-old since USA Table Tennis began in 1933.  In the last 88 years of the sport’s history, there has never been a player (boy or girl) in the Ohio 15-and-under division to be over 2400.  This is a great ranking for this young, developing player!  In addition to her ranking points, she earned $1500 prize money and was crowned u15 and u18 champion last weekend at the tournament!
So what allows this Jackson High School Freshman to improve beyond what all other 15-year-olds have done during the last 88 years in table tennis?  Great question!  She is dedicated to making small daily improvements in her game, she listens to her coaches and diligently tries to apply all the details she is learning, she has great parents who daily support her, and she has great equipment sponsors – Nittaku and Paddle Palace who supply her with world class equipment.  Determined to making long-term progress, Sarah Jalli is right on track to making the 2024 Olympics. 
With her USATT Ranking point of 2467, this makes her:
#1 for 15-and-under girls in the US
#1 for 17-and-under girls in the US
#2 for 19-and-under girls in the US
#7 for women in the US
So what does a 2467 rating mean?  Well USATT rating system ranges from 0-2800. 
0-1000 is considered recreational level
1000-2000 is considered tournament level
2000+ is considered elite
The best women in the US are around 2200-2600.
The best men in the US are around 2300-2700.
The best men in the world are around 2600-2800.
So what’s next for Sarah Jalli?  She is back to the table training every day this week here in Akron, Ohio at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy with some of the nation’s best players.  She is preparing for the $10,000 in invitational tournament this weekend.  If you want to come cheer her on and support her, make sure that you stop by this Friday and Saturday.  FREE spectator admission. 
Watch the $10,000 Invitational Tournament Online.
Friday, March 19th 5pm-8pm Facebook Livestreaming:
Saturday, March 20th 1pm-5pm YouTube Livestreaming:
Watch the action IN-PERSON.
Friday, March 19th 5pm-8pm and Saturday, March 20th 1pm-5pm:
Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy
Address:  2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44319
Phone:  330-949-9230
Drop-ins welcome!  No partner needed!  First time FREE!  All ages and levels welcome – kids, teens, adults, seniors!
Additional Fun Facts About Table Tennis

  • USATT was founded in 1933
  • Table Tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988
  • 300 million players currently play worldwide
  • 600 million fans watch table tennis worldwide
  • It is the most popular indoor sport
  • It is the second most popular sport overall
  • Maximum ball speed is 173 hits per minute
  • Maximum spin is 8000 RPMs
  • You can burn up to 500 calories per match at the Olympic level
  • Current world record is 32,000 hits in a single rally
  • Domestic and International college scholarships now available
  • The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is the fastest growing academy nationwide and is located in your backyard, right off of I-77 in Akron!