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Ohio Mega Camps!

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Hi Camp Participants!

Thanks for signing up for the Ohio Mega Camps!  Make sure you check out the info below:
Ohio Mega Camps 2021
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Discounted Hotel
Online Registration - We are almost full!
July 19-23 Player Listing
July 26-30 Player Listing
Each day, the schedule is 10am-12:30pm and 2pm-4:30pm.  Doors open at 9am each day.  Make sure that you bring a pair of running shoes, a water bottle, and a few extra shirts each day.
Additional Private Lessons
Seth Pech, Jeff Yamada, and Samson Dubina are available to give private lessons during the evenings.  Let Samson know ( if you would like a lesson and he will add you to the schedule.
Rates (listed in 30 min timeblocks) 
Samson $117
Jeff $35
Seth $30

We do have an unsanctioned tournament on Sat, July 24.  If you would like to sign up, let me know asap and I'll add you to the list:
Here is the hotel info:
Make sure that you talk with the front desk and mention "table tennis" for the discounted $89 rate.


Ohio Mega Camp #1
June 14-18, 2021
Stroke Variations Training Camp
There are many elements that go into developing great strokes.  These elements include – body positioning, balance, adjustability, timing, backswing, contact (action), grip pressure, finger pressure, gaining control of muscle tension, breathing, following through, repositioning, and having a correct understanding of probabilities and indicators to link that particular shot with other shots.  Not only will you be learning a wealth of new information, but you will have 25 hours of practice during the week to begin perfecting your new skills. In addition to strokes, we will also be working on variations ofrallying tactics through systematic drills, random drills, multiball,game situations, and match play.  Throughout each session, youwill be working on level appropriate skills accompanied byprofessional coaches and practice partners to help you out everystep of the way!  Training is Mon-Fri from 10am-12:30pm and2pm-4:30pm.  Also be sure to stay for the Saturday unsanctionedtournament to continue practicing your new skills – we will haveboth domestic and international players attending!
Ohio Mega Camp #2
June 21-25, 2021
Serve Return and Much More!
Nearly everyone has serve return problems.  The root of these problems often stems from lack of understanding and training of how to read the racket, read the 1st bounce, read the trajectory, read the second bounce, and having an adjustable technique to make a confident return.  This is the most detailed camp of the summer as we will be working on developing surprising deep pushes, tricky short drop-shots, tactical flips, as well as the ability to manage half-long and long serves.  It is more than just serve return!  We will also be working on 4th ball, 6th ball, and 8th ball tactical combinations.  Join the many players from around the world (all ages and all skill levels) who will be attending the Ohio Mega Camps that contain exciting new content at each and every session!  You will receive 5 hours of training each day.  There will also be optional training in the evenings if you want to practice even more!  Make sure that you check out the latest COVID safety information at  We look forward to giving kids, teens, adults, and seniors a safe and fun experience here in Akron, Ohio!
Ohio Mega Camp #3
July 19-23
Footwork Training Camp!
The foundation of everything in table tennis is balance, positioning, and timing!  This week, we will be working on new content related to the most important aspect of the sport –
footwork!  Not only will you learn new details about how to shuffle, lunge, cross-over, and adjust to off-speed balls, but you will also learn how to link the strokes together and how to read where the ball is coming.  There will be many topics linked together throughout the week and one of the primary ones will be developing a better understanding of probabilities and indicators.  Once you develop a better understanding of where the ball is going and how to get there, the game actually seems to “slow down” giving you more time to generate solid shots and have better placement and better tactics.  Many people are scared to sign up for footwork week thinking that it is just jumping around from sun-up to sun-down.  However, it is much more than just footwork, it is getting a deeper understanding of the game!  In order to cover all the topics, make sure that you sign up for the full week of 10 training sessions and also stay for the Saturday tournament to continue practicing your new skills!
Ohio Mega Camp #4
July 26-30
Tactical Serving Camp
You have strengths.  You do! You have great ways of winning points! The defining question is…  ***drum role***  are you using the right serves to setup your game creating the right tactical scenarios to follow-up with a strong 3rd ball and 5th ball attack.  Throughout the week, we will be enhancing your current serves as well as developing new weapons.  In addition to serving, there will be an additional emphasis on serve return and match tactics as well.  It is much more than just 5 days of training, it is a wealth of information that will have a lasting impact on your game!  The sessions are 10am-12:30pm and 2pm-4:30pm each day.  Each day, you will be assisted by professional coaches and practice partners who personalize the information for you – these experts will guide you every step of the way.  In addition to the 10 training sessions during the week, all the players are encouraged to stay in the evening for additional free training as well as participate in the Paddle Palace Ohio League on Thursday night for free as well!