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Overcoming Emotions

Written By Roger Liu (age 12)

Too Happy or Too Sad?
Say you are winning 2-0 in a match, or 10-5. You could be pretty relaxed and thinking about the next game. Another scenario is when you are down 7-3 and thinking about how you can’t win against your opponent or thinking that he is too good. This article will address both of these scenarios and how you can focus during the match.
In this paragraph we will address being too happy. When you are ahead by a big amount of points, you could be thinking about how you are going to win the game or match and what rewards you will get when you win. This can cost many people many wins that they should of have or could have won. When you are winning by a huge amount, do not try to take big risks. You have your opponent where you want them, there is no need for risks. Also focus on what you need to do. You should not think about what you are going to do after you “win” or after that game. What you should do is think about the correct strategies against that certain player and execute them.
This part of the article will be about being too depressed. For example, say you are down 2-0 and 5-1. You could be thinking of giving up. Thats a great example of the wrong thing to do. You should fight for every point regardless of the situation. At least if you lose, you could say you gave it your best shot and he was just better. When you are losing you have to focus on not showing it. It could boost your opponents morals and spirits. If you have a calm and collected face, your opponent will be neutral as well or even scared at some times. He could be thinking that you have devised a new plan. Seeing a person shout in despair or act out in frustration is in my opinion one of the most motivating things I see during a match. All in all this is how to address the problem of being too happy or sad during a match.
Written by Roger Liu