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Richard McAfee Testimonial

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Book Review By Richard McAfee
How many times have you had a friend ask, “why do you play Table Tennis”? Ever
have a parent ask you, “why should my child take up the sport of Table Tennis”?
How about a reporter ask you for facts on the benefits that our sport offers?
When this happens to me, I normally rack my brain to come up with a few
answers knowing that I am leaving out so much of the greatness of our sport.
Finally, there is now a short easy reading book that has captured the many
benefits and the information about the size and global popularity of our sport.
This includes information on the sport’s: Olympic History, Health Benefits,
Science Facts, Mental Health Benefits, Social Benefits, Scholarship Opportunities,
and Finding a Club.
Authors, Samson Dubina, Jacob Boyd and Sarah Jalli have done our Table Tennis
Community a big service. I plan on keeping a few copies of their book on hand at
every Table Tennis Event I am involved in, and at my Club (Sky High Table Tennis)
in Aurora, Colorado. Now when a parent or the press asks me about my sport, I
can proudly give them this attractive and very comprehensive quick read. It is
loaded with information and makes a case that Table Tennis is truly a great sport
for anyone at any age.
By: Richard McAfee, USATT National Coach and USATT “Hall of Fame” Member.
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