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Welcome Jiri Martinko!

2700-Level European Star!

Hi Friends!

The Samson Dubina TT Academy proudly welcomes Czech National Men's Team Member Jiri Martinko (2700 level)!  You have probably heard of Jiri before.  He has had some very impressive wins over Alberto Mino, Enzo Angles, Alexandre Cassin, Frane Kojic, Tomas Polansky, Andreas Levenko, Mihai Bobocica, Roman Ruiz, Can Akkuzu, and many more international stars!  Directly from the US Open, he will be arriving in Ohio and joining our daily advanced training, leagues, camps, and more!

So what about you?

Are you ready to join us here in Ohio?

Are you ready to sign up for the Ohio Winter Camps?  Join Jiri Martinko and many many other kids and adults worldwide that have already signed up for some of the most exciting events of the season!

If so, just send me a text 330-949-9230 and I'll personally send you some info about our daily morning and evening practices, housing, airport transportation, upcoming winter camps, and more!

See You Soon!
Coach Samson Dubina

Upcoming Camps
Ohio Winter Camp #1 (Dec 27,28,29,30,31)
Ohio Winter Camp #2 (Jan 2,3,4,5,6)

Upcoming Tournaments
$3000 Paddle Palace Open (Jan 7)
$5000 Nittaku Ohio Open (Jan 20-21)