Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Why Did You Lose?

Learn to answer the million-dollar-question

I often ask my students to analyze their tournament matches.  Our conversations often sound like this...
Samson:    "William, why did you lose to Bob?"
William:     "Because Bob is a good player."
Samson:     "Could you be more specific?"
William:     "I lost because Bob has an amazing forehand."
Samson:     "Could you please be more specific?"
William:     "Everytime Bob hit a forehand, I couldn't return the ball.  Is that specific enough?"
Samson:     "Please rate each of Bob's forehand hits on scale of 1-10.  Please rate his fh loop, fh block, fh push, fh smash, fh serve return, fh lobbing, fh footwork, and forehand counterloop."
William:     "Well, his forehand loop is a 10 and his forehand smash is a 10.  His forehand push is a 2 and his forehand block is a 3 and his forehand serve return is a 1....."
Samson:     "Oh, so he has a strong forehand attack but not much defense on the forehand. What about the location on his attack?  What about the consistency on his attack?  What about the varation on his attack?  What about his backhand?  What about his middle?  What about his weaknesses?  What about his common patterns"
When you lose a match, you must analyze each aspect of the match and learn to strategize.  If you don't understand WHY you lost, then you won't be able to properly strategize the next time you play against him!