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Day 3 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Training Video and Lecture Video!



Today, in the interactive lecture, we discussed various types of drills - systematic, semi-systematic, random, multi-location from both sides, open ended, and game situation drills...  detailing the reasons for each drills and at what stages each drill should be implemented.  We also talked about the 10 stages of implementing footwork (see video below).



What are they saying...

Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
Event Info

Are you considering attending our Training Camp?  I sure hope so!  See what the students and coaches are saying....
“Samson Dubina is one of the best educated and most effective coaches working today in the USA.  If you are looking for a great camp experience, I highly recommend attending any camp that Samson is conducting.”    - Richard McAfee,  (ITTF Course Conductor and Trainer.  USATT Hall of Fame Inductee)

Daily Schedule

Mega Camp (Dec 27-30)

Nov 1st Early-Bird Discount!
Mega Camp Daily Schedule
Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
Event Info
Wed, Dec 27th
Afternoon Training  2.5 hours
Evening Training  2.5 hours
(See Detailed Outline for exact content)
Thursday, Dec 28th
Morning Tactics Lecture 1.5 hours


December 27-30 Mega Camp Sightseeing

Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
Event Info
Nov 1st Early-Bird Discount!
Throughout the intense week of training 2 sessions per day plus some additional interactive lectures, we will have 2 short sightseeing adventures together as a group.  I'll send out a short survey at the beginning of December to ask the participants about their interest.  
Here will be your activities to choose from
Lock 3 Winter Fest

Accommodation Package

Dec 27-30 Mega Training Camp (Accommodation Package)

Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
Event Info
We offer accommodations from Tuesday night (Dec 26) through Saturday night (Dec 30).  The cost of $50/person/night includes...

FREE Interactive Lectures

Mega Camp Dec 27-30 (FREE Lectures)

Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
Event Info
In addition to the 2 sessions per day of training (5 hours) and sightseeing, there will also be some free interactive lectures during the week.  
Both of these sessions are FREE to those players who register by Nov 1.
The first interactive lecture will be on tactical analysis.  After watching a match of 2 world-class players, Coach Samson will talk for a few minutes about what to look for when scouting a future opponent.

Detailed Outline

20 hours of instruction at the Shaw JCC Dec 27-30!

Nov 1st Early-Bird Discount!
Entry Form and Player Listing:

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