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Topics - Ohio Winter Camp

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Dec 26-28th  -  Footwork Training Camp
You might think that footwork is just physical…  it isn’t!  There are mental secrets to learning where the ball is going!  The footwork during this camp will be geared around developing an understanding of probabilities and indicators while refreshing you on the basics of how to move and how to move FASTER!  Our team of expert coaches and practice partners are willing and ready to customize the drills to meet your needs!  Regardless of your age or skill level, we welcome you to come!
3 day training camp includes...
1. Foundational movements / advanced movements / Balance / Positioning / Timing
2. Anticipation drills and game situations
3. Probability drills and game situations
4. Systematic, Semi-Systematic, and Random Drills
5. Placement / Offense & Defense Drills / Open Ended Drills
6. Linking the Skills together / Match play
Dec 30—Jan 1st  -  Tactical Serve & Serve Return Training Camp
Everyone knows that match tactics are a critical key to tournament performance.  However, very few players truly understand how to use their own strengths to the fullest potential and understand which tactics to use against which opponents.  This camp will be both physically and mentally motivating as we work hard for three days at improving your current serve and return tactics as well as develop new ones!
3 day training camp includes...
1. Tactical Analysis of the 20 most common opponents
2. Developing an understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and game patterns
3. Rallying variations with speed, spin, and placement variations
4. Perfecting your current serves & developing new ones
5. Perfecting serve returns with looping variations, flipping variations, pushing variations
6. Learning 3rd ball, 5th ball, 7th ball strategies
7. Developing a personalized pre-match / post-match routine

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Cost is $270/camp or $45/session!
Three ways to register...
Register over the phone by calling or texting Samson 330-949-9230
Register online by sending a paypal payment to
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All ages - both kids and adults welcome!
All skill levels - beginner to experts welcome!