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Serve or Receive?


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If you win the toss, which do you choose?  Serve or Receive?
This article starts off seemingly insignificant but concludes with the main point.  You must read the full article to understand the thought process…

Serve Return

Read 5 Helpful Tips!

Serve Return
About 95% of all players say that serve return is their biggest problem.
#1 Strokes

Details of Flipping Serves

serve return
Read 8 tips!

Details of Flipping Serves
Flipping is one of the primary ways to return short serves.  In this article, I’m going to outline the various aspects of developing a professional flip and give some details about each aspect.
Reading the Spin
There are 4 primary ways to read the spin…
#1 Watch the racket movement at contact
#2 Listen to the sound at contact
#3 Read the bounce
#4 Watch for the label

Serve & Return

Improve both your serve and serve return!

The #1 topic in table tennis is serve & return. This week, I decided to feature some of my videos. Regardless if you are developing a new serve or just perfecting an old favorite, I would highly recommend that you take a minute and check out these videos...

Serve Return Placement

Brand New Video

The Cute Little Guessing Game

Should you be playing this game?

We now have 6 weeks before the US nationals!  That is just the amout of time that you need to improve your serve return!  Check out the latest article that can boost your level!
The Cute Little Guessing Game

Serve Return

Check out this video!






About 90% of table tennis players claim that serve return is their biggest issue. I feel that they aren't able to return serve properly because they haven't developed the stroke. It isn't merely good enough just to touch the ball back to the other side. The player must actually loop or push or flip the serve with quality. Check out one of my favority serve return drills where I demonstrate flipping and looping the sidespin/backspin serves:

The Complete Game

Learn the importance of developing many skills

I have asked many table tennis players about the most important aspects of the game.  I commonly hear responses such as…
“It’s all about footwork.  If my footwork improves, I’ll be able to return everything because I’ll be in position.”
“This game is 99% about serve and serve return.  If I can improve those aspects, I can really beat everyone at this club.”


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Here are a few short sections from the DVD.

Serve Return - Part II

Check out this video!

Check out the latest new video clip from my DVD - International Table Tennis Skills!


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