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Ohio Clubs

FREE Promotions!

Dear Ohio Table Tennis Clubs,
This year, we will be doing our best to support the table tennis clubs in Ohio.  There are two primary ways we are trying to promote the clubs:
#1 Website
We have club details on our website with details about day/time/cost/location/contact information.  Please check the info and confirm that it is correct.  If you make any changes in the future, let me know so that I can keep it up to date...
Ohio Clubs -
#2 Flier Table
As we open the BRAND NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy on May 1st, we are planning to have a flier rack featuring other clubs in Ohio.  If you have a club flier, please mail me 30-40 copies and I'll have it available for the many people that come through our academy on a daily basis.
Hope to see you soon and I hope that the Ohio clubs will continue working together!
Samson Dubina