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Bad Word - For Players

Players should avoid using this word

I Can’t!!!
On a daily basis, many of my students say the words, “I can’t” as it relates to learning a new stroke,  learning a new serve, enduring through physical training, and many other table tennis related activities.
As a coach, when I hear a player say these words, here is what I’m hearing…

Bad Word - For Coaches

Coaches should avoid using this word...

To all the coaches reading my articles, I have some advice.  Try to avoid using the word “but.”  This word seems very harmless, yet it can ruin your complements.  For example…
My student asks, “So Coach Samson, what did you think about my performance at the last tournament.”
I reply, “Your looping was very powerful; your footwork was fast; you had good strategy; BUT you missed every smash.”

Bible Verse of the Week

Commentary from Pastor John MacArthur

Romans 10:9-10
That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes unto rightesousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
Pastor John MacArthur remarks about this Bible passage by saying the following...

That's a Really Good Question!

Looping or Blocking or Both?!?

I receive hundreds of table tennis questions.  Here is a very common question that you might be asking as well...
Hi Samson.  Great clinic, thanks again.  If you don't mind, I've got one follow up question.
Since the clinic I've played 3 times so far at local clubs.  I've been focusing on attacking just about everything with loops and flips, and throwing in some punch blocks from time to time.  It's worked pretty well, and I'm winning against players who i normally lose to.

Your Best Game!

Learn how to develop your A game!

You probably have various levels that you can play at depending on the day and depending on your opponent.  You probably also have various game styles that you can play depending on your competition.  I recommend bringing out your best game during practice matches.  In this article, I’m going to give you 4 examples to prove my point…
Example #1


2014 Champs and 2015 Info

Here are the winners of the 2014 Ohio Circuit!!!
Over 2000 Division
1st Place Ali Khatami 34 points 
2nd Place Samson Dubina 33 points  

Under 2000 Division
Tied for 1st place Shreyans Bafna 38 points 
Tied for 1st place Blake Cottrell 38 points 

Just Add Variation

Learn how to make your loops more deceptive!


You probably know that you need to vary your loops.  However, it is very difficult to consistently give good variation if you haven’t trained for it in practice.  In this article, I’m going to suggest 4 variations that you should add to your forehand loop.

USATT Article

Tournament Article, Photos, and Video

September Newgy Akron Ohio
Giant Round Robin Table Tennis Tournament

What are you Practicing?

Learn why you should play more tournaments!

What is your ultimate goal in table tennis? 
To make the Olympic Team?
To become the club champion?
To someday break 2000?
To improve your fitness?
To beat your great-uncle Bob?
Most players’ goals involve some type of tournament performance.  As a coach, I must know the goals that my students have and help to guide them in the right direction to meet their goals. 
If someone wants to have a good serve, what should they do?  Hmmm…. Maybe practice their serves.

The Unknown God

Who is your god?

Everyone has a god.  This god can be the true God or it can be something else that we put in the place of god – table tennis, work, family, money, girlfriend, hobbies, etc…  In our Bible passage, the apostle Paul was in the city of Athens.  This city had many idols.  Paul saw one idol that was titled – To the Unknown God.  He explained to the Athenians about the one and only and true God and what they must do to have a true relationship with God.
Acts 17:22-31