Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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Watch the full series of fitness videos by Samson Dubina

Top 10 Most Explosive Exercises

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Videos for the Super Camp Participants

Dear Super Camp Participants,

Some of you requested a listing of the fitness exercises that we did throughout the Super Camp. Nearly all of the fitness stations and the warm-up routines are shown in the videos below.

Coach Samson Dubina

Fitness Training

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Dear Students,

As we begin a new season of training in preparation for the US Nationals.  I would encourage each of you to re-watch some of these fitness videos and choose several exercises to do on a regular basis to improve your strength and speed.  Write down which exercises that you feel will help you the most and we will go over them together in our next lesson.

See you soon!

Coach Samson


(So that you avoid hearing the language in the first video, I recommend turning off the volume)


Table Tennis Wrist Training

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Table Tennis FITNESS!!!

Learn new table tennis exercises by watching these 2 short videos

Dear Table Tennis Students,

This year, I'll be assigning each of you a daily training routine that focuses on leg and core fitness specifically designed to improve your table tennis game. I will be e-mailing each of you individually for your daily assigment. To make it easier for you, I have created these 2 videos so that you can copy how I do these exercises. Please refer back to these videos regularly so that you can ensure that you will be doing the fitness training correctly.


Coach Samson

Leg Training


Written by Scott Badillo

Two and a half years ago I started playing table tennis, one of the things that was mentioned to me many times is the importance of staying physically fit to a certain degree. Over the course of that time I have played 47 tournaments and would like to share my thoughts on this common topic. This article primarily targets the developing player.


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International Table Tennis Skills - DVD TRAILER:





During this 2 hour and 17 minute DVD you will learn the details of game strategy, anticipation, advanced strokes, footwork, serve, serve return, and much much more. This DVD is now available in North America and will soon be available in Europe and Asia.


Core Muscles

Learn 6 keys to training!

Studies of have shown that the discs in your spine are swollen up to twice the normal size when you first wake up in the morning.  With light activity, the swelling reduces after about 2 hours.  Before you set your alarm clock next Saturday morning before that tournament, consider adding those 2 hours to help your back reach its peak potential:
Wake up at 6am
Light walk, breakfast, stretching, light jog 6am-8am
Start practice on the table 8am
First tournament match 9am


Learn 44 New Exercises that will BOOST your table tennis game!

At your level in table tennis, fitness might not seem very important.  However, if you want to improve 2-3 levels, fitness will become an important aspect of your game.  Prepare for improvement!  Avoid injuries!  Increase your speed!  Boost your endurance!  At the end of every training session, do 20-30 minutes of intense physical training focusing mainly on foot speed, core strength, stability, and balance.  


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