Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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Samson Dubina and Tom Presper

Efficient Workouts!

The Daily Minimum!








Dear Students,

As I have told you many times, this is your daily minimum.
3 minute dynamic warmup routine prior to practice and a 10 minute fitness routine after practice. If you get these done, you can feel free to workout more. Each day, you can choose to do the core workout or the leg workout.
I would encourage you to pull out your phone or turn on your tablet and follow along to make sure that your workout stays timed and structured.

Coach Samson Dubina

Arnold Sports Festival

Samson vs Yoshitomi

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Singles and Doubles

Check out the tournament action from last week.
Here are 2 new videos!!!!

Here are some previously posted videos

Expert Table Tennis Podcast

Interview with Samson Dubina





If you missed it before, make sure that you listen to Samson Dubina being interviewed by Table Tennis Expert Ben Larcombe:

Thanks Ben Larcombe!

Bible Verse of the Week

Mark 8:34-38


Scared to Attack?

Tough Questions - Part 1





This is the first video in a series called TOUGH QUESTIONS

These questions were submitted to me during the last few weeks




Check out this brand new table tennis tool!

Ping Pong Show!

Coaching, Exhibitions, Tournaments, and More!!!

Book Your Show Today
There are several services that Samson offers...

1. Ping Pong Coaching
This is a good option to choose if you want to beat your entire family. Within 1 hour, Samson will boost your game to the next level!

2. Ping Pong Exhibition
This is a good option to choose if you have a birthday party or kids event. The exibition includes challenge matches, trick shots, and free prize giveways.

Corey Coleman vs Samson Dubina

Check out the action!

The Cleveland Brown's Corey Coleman vs Samson Dubina
76,000 fans watched live via the Bleacher Report Facebook page suggesting new interesting rackets like the Hammer of Thor......the hook......the pizza paddle.....and more

Rewatch the action below....


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