Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Coaching Testimonial

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Simple Basics

Grips, Angle, Stance, Timing

Ohio High School Championships

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The Columbus Table Tennis Club will be hosting the first ever, Ohio High School Championships.
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Middle-Aged TT Training

By Coach Joe Ciarrochi

Middle-Aged TT Training
By Joe Ciarrochi
We all know TT is widely played by a variety of people both young and old at many different levels. Most use the game as a fun activity while hanging with friends and family.
Many who've played consistently have most likely visited a club near them at one time or another where they found friendly competition as well as challenging matches.

Tactical Analysis

A Brief Study of Harimoto

Devastate the Offensive Chopper

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Devastate the Offensive Chopper

How to Beat China

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Blocking Footwork

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New Website

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PongHero is a site dedicated to providing reviews and information about table tennis equipment. Our goal is to provide unbiased reviews and information to help readers make informed decisions when making a purchase.
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