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Sarah Jalli Training Video

#1 in the USA

Backhand Footwork

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Typically, playing about 60-65% forehand and about 35-40% backhand will allow you to cover the table best.  However, for some of my students, I give some flexibility as each player/style/age/conditioning/body type is unique.  Because the forehand zone is larger, most players practice forehand footwork or full-table footwork.  I have rarely seen players practicing backhand footwork. 


No Lone Rangers

Don't neglect this one main aspect of improvement...

In the world of elite table tennis, there are no lone rangers. 
If you want to improve your game this year, you won’t be able to stay hidden in your house forming game strategies for months and come out 500 points ahead.
I’m a huge advocate of robot training.  I practice with my Newgy robot.  However, I also need to use my skills against other players and in tournaments.
I’m a huge advocate of physical training.  However, I need to use my physical abilities in training and in tournaments. 

Back Injuries

Read 7 Ways to Keep Your Back in Top Shape

During the last 10 years, I have really struggled with back injuries, even to the point of being bedridden.  Today, I would like to make a few suggestions to you, so that you can avoid hindering your tt game with back problems.
1. Stay Active


Watch the full series of fitness videos by Samson Dubina


Training vs Warm-Up Article and Video

In table tennis, every drill should have a purpose. One distinction that needs to be made is the difference between training and warm-up. When you see professional players warming-up at tournaments, they might do some forehand, backhands, and a simple footwork drill. That might be about it at tournaments. However, their daily training routine might look drastically different. Here are a couple thoughts on this concept.

USATT Super Camp

Check out the videos!

Check out the US Juniors, Cadets, and Mini Cadets at the USATT Super Camp in New Jersey

Table Tennis FITNESS!!!

Learn new table tennis exercises by watching these 2 short videos

Dear Table Tennis Students,

This year, I'll be assigning each of you a daily training routine that focuses on leg and core fitness specifically designed to improve your table tennis game. I will be e-mailing each of you individually for your daily assigment. To make it easier for you, I have created these 2 videos so that you can copy how I do these exercises. Please refer back to these videos regularly so that you can ensure that you will be doing the fitness training correctly.


Coach Samson

Leg Training

The Secret

Boost Your Game with this Subtle Improvement...

For the last nine years, I have been a 2400 level player.  This year, I have been consistently playing 2500-2550 level for the last 8 months and winning most tournaments.  Ok, so what is my secret? 
No, no, no it isn’t booster or steroids or a flashy serve or a powerful smash…
So, what is it?
It is something very, subtle. 
It is something that most players, most spectators, most coaches, and most of my opponents have not noticed.  

Core Muscles

Learn 6 keys to training!

Studies of have shown that the discs in your spine are swollen up to twice the normal size when you first wake up in the morning.  With light activity, the swelling reduces after about 2 hours.  Before you set your alarm clock next Saturday morning before that tournament, consider adding those 2 hours to help your back reach its peak potential:
Wake up at 6am
Light walk, breakfast, stretching, light jog 6am-8am
Start practice on the table 8am
First tournament match 9am


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