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Table Tennis FITNESS!!!

Learn new table tennis exercises by watching these 2 short videos

Dear Table Tennis Students,

This year, I'll be assigning each of you a daily training routine that focuses on leg and core fitness specifically designed to improve your table tennis game. I will be e-mailing each of you individually for your daily assigment. To make it easier for you, I have created these 2 videos so that you can copy how I do these exercises. Please refer back to these videos regularly so that you can ensure that you will be doing the fitness training correctly.


Coach Samson

Leg Training

The Secret

Boost Your Game with this Subtle Improvement...

For the last nine years, I have been a 2400 level player.  This year, I have been consistently playing 2500-2550 level for the last 8 months and winning most tournaments.  Ok, so what is my secret? 
No, no, no it isn’t booster or steroids or a flashy serve or a powerful smash…
So, what is it?
It is something very, subtle. 
It is something that most players, most spectators, most coaches, and most of my opponents have not noticed.  

Core Muscles

Learn 6 keys to training!

Studies of have shown that the discs in your spine are swollen up to twice the normal size when you first wake up in the morning.  With light activity, the swelling reduces after about 2 hours.  Before you set your alarm clock next Saturday morning before that tournament, consider adding those 2 hours to help your back reach its peak potential:
Wake up at 6am
Light walk, breakfast, stretching, light jog 6am-8am
Start practice on the table 8am
First tournament match 9am

Hesam Hamrahian

News Update about Ohio's #2 ranked player


Group Session FAQ

Learn how to improve your skills through group training!

I receive frequent e-mails with questions regarding weekend group clinics.  In the article, I’m going to outline the details of my group coaching sessions.

Thinking Ahead...

Read this short article about setting goals in table tennis

Goal setting is very important in life, school, work, athletics, and many other areas of life.  If you want to train in table tennis with excellent focus and you want to perform well in competition, I would recommend writing out a long-term goal.  Long term generally means 2-10 years from now.  After you have written it out, hang it in your training room for a daily reminder.

Train Your Mind

Improve your tt skills by watching these 3 short clips

Here are 3 new video clips.
The first is a highlight clip from the North American Cup, the second is a training clip with Egyptian National Team Member Sameh Awadallah, and the third clip is demonstration on dealing with no-spin serves.
Highlight Clip:

Mental Strategies - Part 12

Learn How to Become a World Class Player!

Question:            Samson, how can I improve my mental game?
Answer:               Choose a level-headed, world-class player and copy him.
When studying this elite athlete there are several things that you should be looking for.
Attitude During Training

Asian and European Training Centers

Learn about 4 recent changes!

During the last 18 years, I have practiced at many table tennis training centers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  In recent years, I have recognized four modern changes at the elite level.
Blocking with More Variation
In the past, one player would consistently block in a set pattern and the attacking player would attempt to loop 10-20 balls in a rally.  Now, the blockers have added more variation – sometimes harder, sometimes softer, sometimes flat, sometimes with a little topspin.
Multi-Location Blocking


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