Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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It Counts As 3 Points!

Learn about making or missing this shot...

Most players agree that if you win a spectacular rally or win an easy point, it just counts as one point. BUT actually, they don’t…
Let me give you a scenario.  You are winning 9-7 in the final game.  You serve short topspin and your opponent reads your serve as backspin.  He steps forward and pushes your short topspin serve giving you an incredibly easy popup.  At point-blank range, it would have been nearly impossible for him to return your powerful weapon, BUT unfortunately for you…   you miss your smash!
The score should have been 10-7, with you being very pumped and excited.  Because you missed your powerful smash, the score is now 9-8 with you being depressed and your opponent feeling new hope.  When you miss a winning shot, there is a 2-point swing.  You could have won a point.  But instead, your opponent won a point.  Also there is often a mental swing which usually affects the game by 1-2 points.  So, when you missed the easy smash at 9-7, it likely costs you 3 points total!
Additional Points to Ponder
1. Remember that each hit is important – there are no easy ones
2. Remember that you must be fully focused when smashing, move into position, adjust your swing based on the height and speed and spin and bounce, while accelerating through the point of contact and adding some topspin to your smash.
3. Remember that returning a smash from your opponent will have the same effect – a two point swing in the game plus a mental advantage