Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Across America, table tennis clubs are filled with players who can hit 1 great shot… a quick flip, an amazing loop, a powerful smash! Wow, what a shot! These shots are called “One-Hit-Wonders.”

But many players aren’t developing the tools needed to setup their shot, then follow-up their shot with another, then string together a series of high-level shots. It is critically important for all players to develop strengths, then develop everything else around these strengths. Which serves set up these strengths best, which receives set up these strengths best, which locations, which patters, which spins? These are the primary things that coaches and players need to be discussing when developing a player.

Denethi is the regional college champion and currently the #1 female player in Ohio; she plays with short pips on both sides. Her strength is her forehand smash. But can she link the smash with the next ball? Check out the video and see how I’m trying to get her to hit and move as opposed to hit and just watch.