Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Great job table tennis friends!  With your support, we are now over half-way to reaching our $60k goal!  
Today, I would like to answer 2 main questions...
#1 Where is the money going?
#2 How does it grow table tennis?
100% of all the money will be going directly to the 501(C)(3) non-profit to strengthen our current programs.  Offering quality training daily with elite coaches and training partners, offering many USATT tournaments, offering world class training camps sometimes makes money and sometimes doesn't.  Unlike most of the major clubs in the US, we have no financial backers.  During the pandemic, we twice received the PP and we received many donations from individuals in the community to help us along.  Now that we no longer are receiving government funding, your donations are more critical than ever.  We are counting on you this season to help us.  If we are successful in raising the $60k, then we can continue moving forward with better daily training, better leagues, better tournaments, and better success!  
One of our primary goals in developing a better training environment here in Ohio is that we can replicate this environment throughout the US!  If we continue to be successful in developing the daily training program with group classes, targeted private lessons, and daily competition, then other clubs can also improve their players at this level!  Is it working?  Is this program successful?  Yes, look at the amazing results...
Example:  After playing just 11 months total, Ethan Alexander won the u2000 and made the quarterfinals of the u2300!  Have you ever seen that before?  0-2000 level in less than 1 year?  
Example:  Kareem Azrak played his first tournament in Oct 2020 and has now reached over 1700 since last year.
Example:  Sarah Jalli goes to school, leads a balanced life, and is rising to international fame and is now rated over 2500 at 15 years of age.  She practices 1/2 of the time of most world class players and is improving at a rapid rate.
So what is the difference between the Samson Dubina TT Academy and other clubs?
The primary difference is the team-work!  Our players are training daily together as a team, competing as a team, and daily encouraging and supporting each other.  This team-mentality is more enjoyable and better for athlete development giving a wider range of training partners.  As we continue to have success with our new structure, clubs around the US will be replicating it.   We have proven results, but can't grow at the needed rate without your support!  
Thanks in advance for your donation!

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