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Mental vs Physical

Are Your Training Your Mental Game This Year?

Hi Friends,

QUESTION:   If table tennis is 50% physical and 50% mental, then why do most players spend 95% of their time focusing on the physical aspects of the game and only 5% of the time on the mental aspects of the game?

Think about it...  

Think about it...   and give yourself an a real answer out-loud!

So we are here to help!  This month, we have released an entire video series targeting the mental side of the game.  What you say, what you think, how you perceive yourself, the confidence that you have, all of these things are crucial for your progress this year!  Take just a few minutes from your day and check out the videos below!  This small investment in your time will pay off big time for years to come!

Watch These Videos:
Video #1 Three Bad Words (Olympians Never Say)
Video #2 Play Smarter and Win
Video #3 Keep Your Coach Happy
Video #4 Situational Ethics
Video #5 The Primary Keys to Winning Deuce Games

We now have both morning and evening training here at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy.  If you would like to come practice with us for spring break, just send me a message and you can join our training group!  Yes, we offer everything - housing, airport transportation, daily transportation, morning and evening practice, and weekly competitive league matches.  Send me an e-mail or text me 330-949-9230 for more info!

Samson Dubina
2022 US National Team Coach