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20 Different Opponents!

This year, become a tactical tournament player!

Playing the right tactics is one of the vital keys to winning your next match.  In order to know which tactics to play, it is often helpful to label your opponent as a looper, chopper, lobber, blocker, etc.  Once you have placed him in a category, then you can begin making a game-plan.  (please realize that many playing styles overlap)
Check out these tactics articles on playing specific opponents:

2-Wing Looper
1-Wing Looper
Defensive Blocker

Long Pips Blocker

Short Pips Attacker


Defensive Chopper

Offensive Chopper
Wheelchair Player
Seemiller Grip

Unknown Opponent


Your Friends

Low Level Opponent

High Level Opponent

Extremely Sweaty Opponent (article coming soon)

Check back soon!  In the coming weeks and months, there will be at least 10 more tactics articles coming!
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