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#8 in the World

Sarah Jalli World Success

Sarah Jalli #8 in the World!
-Article by Samson Dubina
After winning the World Table Tennis Youth Contender in Belgium, Sarah Jalli continues to rapidly climb the junior ladder and finds herself now ranked #8 in the world for u17 girls and ranked #21 in the world for u19 girls!
So how does she continue to succeed?
There are a few key points that I would like to share with you today:
#1 She maintains her focus on her LONG TERM GOALS realizing that every practice is important and that if she is going to become world class, she needs to continue to focus on developing her game instead of just looking at the scoreboard.
#2 She knows that continuing to strengthen her PLAYING SYSTEM is important for long term development.  She has a clear picture on how all the shots are interlinked and the way she serves and receives and the shots that she plays all link together in the playing system.  This system allows her to have confidence against all players, even players that she has never encountered before.
#3 She knows that both QUALITY AND QUANTITY are important.  While the other girls on the WTT tour are practicing 36 hours per week, she can only practice 18 hours per week due to school obligations and AP classes.  But she is giving 200% mental and physical effort to make the best 18 hours possible.
#4 She has CONFIDENCE to beat the girls/women in the world and trains accordingly.  This is true for any goal in life.  Because she has confidence to achieve it, she lives accordingly with how she structures her week, how she manages her time, the detail that she brings to training, and many other aspects of being an elite athlete.
#5 As a Christian, she knows that having the right ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE is important, realizing that loving and serving God is much more important that winning international titles and that any achievements she does make are for His glory.
#6 She realizes that it takes daily effort to MAINTAIN CURRENT SKILLS and she doesn't feel that it is dull or boring to work on basic techniques every day.  This is just part of the process.  The excitement is that she continues to daily learn more and more about her current skills and can focus on more details than previously.
#7 She realizes that developing NEW SKILLS and TACTICS is also a part of developing and in order to improve to her full potential it feels risky but necessary.  This was a huge discussion throughout the matches.  I told her many times that she has developed many new skills and needs to implement these in her matches.  She used them and they worked amazingly well.
#8 She is grateful for a supportive community behind her encouraging her daily - her parents, her practice partners, her sponsors Nittaku, Paddle Palace, and Power Pong, and many other supportive people in the community.
#9 She trusts her coach.  She trusts me that I'll continue to take her in the right direction with all aspects of her game - training, tactics, fitness, rest, and that she will continue to make daily progress and climb the ladder to more successes!
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