Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Listen and Communicate

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From my very first appointment with Physical Therapist Rick Zimmerman, I knew that he was truly there to help me.  He wasn’t busy reading my chart or ordering me around.  He was there letting me explain my issues and was genuinely concerned with helping me.
Throughout my years of playing table tennis, I have received professional instruction from more than 40 coaches.  The coaches that have the same approach as Rick Zimmerman, truly have my best interest in mind.  If you want to be a successful coach at the club level or at the elite level, specialize in 1 thing…  listening to your student!
Even if you think that you have all the answers, you still need to listen.  If your student doesn’t immediately have any comments to make about his game, then have him sit down and think about it for awhile.  Your student should be able to fill you in on his training sessions, practice matches, recent tournaments, and regular homework assignment.  By having a brief minute of reflection, both the coach and the student will have an idea of what is needed for improvement and will be likeminded with goals for the future!