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Mental Toughness

FREE Session

Dear Friends,

A recently online poll showed that 81% of table tennis players believe that TT is more mental than physical!  However, these same players spend 99% of their time working on strokes, footwork, and spins and spend very little time training the mental side of the game.  In the final 2 camps this summer, we will be focusing on the mental side of the game!

Not convinced yet?
No worries!  Join us at 10am this morning and get a free preview of the content you will be learning!

FREE Facebook Live Session at 10am!
Friday, July 19th at 10am!

I will be joined by Dora Kurimay, M.A. Mental Sports Consultant and former professional table tennis player!  We will first be answering some common questions then taking your personal questions.  Here is the list that we will first be addressing:
  1.  How do I get in-the-zone when playing an important match?
  2.  The score is 10/10, how do I avoid choking?  
  3.  What type of pre-match routines should I use?
  4.  What type of pre-point routines should you use?
  5.  How do I avoid being emotional after a missed smash?
  6.  How do I implement in tournaments what I do in practice?
  7.  What will I be learning at the Ohio Mega Camps?

We really look forward to having you join not only the facebook live session, but also many of the other exciting events coming up right here at the NEW Samson Dubina TT Academy in Akron, Ohio!  To sign up for an event like the Ohio Mega Camps, send me an e-mail, call or text me 330-949-9230, or register on my website

Upcoming Events!!!
Ohio Mega Camp #3:  July 29-August 2
Paddle Palace Ohio Open Tournament:   August 3
Ohio Mega Camp #4:   August 5-9
Weekly Advanced Training:   August-September
Weekly Foundational Training:  August-September
Weekly Kids Classes:   August-September
Paddle Palace Ohio League:   July-September
ITTF Level 3 Course:   September 4-11
Presper Financial Architects Open Tournament:  September 13-14
Nittaku Ohio Open:   November 8-9

Samson Dubina