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Details of Flipping Serves

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Details of Flipping Serves
Flipping is one of the primary ways to return short serves.  In this article, I’m going to outline the various aspects of developing a professional flip and give some details about each aspect.
Reading the Spin
There are 4 primary ways to read the spin…
#1 Watch the racket movement at contact
#2 Listen to the sound at contact
#3 Read the bounce
#4 Watch for the label

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Sarah Jalli

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Broad Way vs Narrow Way

Bible Passage of the Week

The Bible clearly talks about 2 ways - the broad way leading to destruction and the narrow way leading to eternal life. Listen to this very powerful sermon by Pastor John MacArthur.

July Training

Final Summer Camps

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Quality training is important!  We love seeing the results from both kids and adults winning more and more matches than ever before!  This month, we are offering the final 2 camps of the summer!  We have a team of 10 domestic and international coaches and practice partners who are eager and ready to help you succeed!  We have just a few more spots left!  Join us this month!