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Don't Make Me Mad...

Mentally Strong vs Mentally Weak

Some Random Stranger, “He definitely shouldn’t have done that!!!”
Samson, “Shouldn’t have done what?”    
Some Random Stranger, “He shouldn’t have chooooooed so loudly every time he hit the net or edge with a lucky shot!!!  He made me mad!  When I’m mad, I play so determined!”
Samson:  “So what happens when you aren’t mad?”

TT Tactics for Thinkers

By Larry Hodges

 Table Tennis Tactics For Thinkers
By Larry Hodges
Book Review by Samson Dubina
     Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers is one of the best table tennis books that I have ever read.  I feel that players of all levels can benefit from the details of serve tactics, receive tactics, rallying tactics, doubles tactics, and tactics against various grips, rubbers, and styles.

Short Term Progress

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Fix It or Trash It?

Learn to problem-solve during matches

In every match, you will miss some shots.  When you miss a particular shot in table tennis, what do you do?  Do you adjust your particular shot or do you stop doing that particular shot? 
Let me illustrate…

Is Table Tennis Expensive?

Ask Yourself This One Question...

As yourself this one question...


Ohio Senior Camp

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Ohio Senior Camp (October 31 - Nov 4)
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Winning or Learning?!??

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In-And-Out Footwork

Learn About the 10 Situations!!!!

In-And-Out Footwork
About 99% of the time, players practice side-to-side footwork moving from forehand to backhand and backhand to forehand.  I rarely see players practice in-and-out footwork, but in fact…  these players are missing a key element of the game.  In this article, I’m going to outline 10 situations where in-and-out footwork is absolutely necessary.

Fitness Challenge

Check it out!

Hey everyone!
Table tennis is a great way to get into shape, but it still doesn’t cover all your bases. If you’re serious about your health and you want to continue to have the ability to enjoy playing table tennis well into your golden years, you’ll need to perform a little physical training on the side too.
So join me on this 30-day table tennis fitness challenge!
It’s really simple.