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Strict vs Flexible

Making a distinct clarification...

Here is an e-mail that I recently wrote to one of my students.  I hope that maybe you too can learn from this lesson...
Dear Student,
You made a comment during our lesson last week, and I just wanted to make a short clarification.  If I remember correctly, you said, “Samson, you coach like you play.” Referring to being strict with precisely which balls must be played short, which balls must be looped, which balls must be powered, which balls must be placed to certain locations…   in a ridged framework.

Plans and Pitfalls!

Get the right info and practice the right elements!

In order to improve your table tennis game, there are 2 main aspects that you need this year.
#1 You need to have the right info
#2 You need to spend quality time practicing
How do you get the right info???  There are several ways:
A. Record yourself practicing and analyze the video
B. Read coaching articles, reading coaching books, and watch coaching DVDs
C. Receive group lessons (most cost around $20/hour).

Various Game Styles

Strategies for Sep 26-27

For those of you who are preparing for our Sep 26-27 tournament, I would highly recommend that you carefully read this article and takes notes in order to mentally prepare for the competition.  I posted this article in the past, but decided to re-post it as a refresher...

A Letter From the Instructor

Read some info regarding the ITTF Training Course coming to Ohio!

Hello to all Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy Members,
The Academy is hosting an ITTF-PPT Level 1 Coaching Course from July 28 through August 1st.  The Course will be held at the The House of the Lord Gymnasium  -  1650 Diagonal Rd Akron, Ohio.
There will be 30 hours of instruction given over 5 days with two sessions planned each day, 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. 
Course Conductor:

In the Loop

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A True TT Story

Trust is a must or your game is a bust

I once had a student who was very ambitious about learning to attack.  Prior to taking lessons, he had only developed a pushing and blocking game.  For 9 months, I taught him to attack.  He said that he was using his attack against other players at the club.  Finally, the day arrived that I was ready to watch him play against another opponent, instead of just giving him a lesson.  Before the match, I told him not to worry about the score, but merely to focusing on using the weapons that he had been trained to use.


Samson gives coaching advice about when to call a timeout during your big games.

You are playing the most important match of your life in the final round, crowds have gathered, big money is at stake, you are preparing to serve, the score is 9-9… should you call timeout?
This article gives some helpful tips on when to call timeout. The question above could be answered “YES” or “NO” depending on the circumstance. In the above situation, you should possibly call timeout if:
1. You need to consult your coach. If you are unsure on what to serve or what strategy to use, ask your coach.

What to Do When You Are Losing

Samson offers some advice on what to do when you find yourself losing a big game

I am playing a very important match in a tournament; I am losing 2-0 in games and now losing 5-0 in the third game. What should I do?
The first thing is… Never give up! I have won many matches because of a third-game comeback. My opponent starts crying to himself that he should have finished the match and the momentum swings to me.
The second thing is… Call time out. A friend or coach might be able to give me tips, insights, or encouragement which could really help.

What Should I say?

Three Things

Encouraging and coaching fellow club members at tournaments is one of best aspects of a competition.  In this article, I’m going to outline how to coach another player between games.  If I were coaching a friend or student, here is what I might possibly say.
Good game – you ended strong with a nice comeback. 

The Best Coach

Read About My Criteria For Selecting an Assistant Coach

Within the next few years, I plan to open a professional table tennis training center here in Akron, Ohio.  As I look into the possibility of hiring some elite coaches, I have written out some criteria.  Today, I want to share my thoughts with you as to what I feel would make an excellent coach.
He must first know the info.  He must know table tennis at an elite level. 


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