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Serve Return

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About 90% of table tennis players claim that serve return is their biggest issue. I feel that they aren't able to return serve properly because they haven't developed the stroke. It isn't merely good enough just to touch the ball back to the other side. The player must actually loop or push or flip the serve with quality. Check out one of my favority serve return drills where I demonstrate flipping and looping the sidespin/backspin serves:

The Complete Game

Learn the importance of developing many skills

I have asked many table tennis players about the most important aspects of the game.  I commonly hear responses such as…
“It’s all about footwork.  If my footwork improves, I’ll be able to return everything because I’ll be in position.”
“This game is 99% about serve and serve return.  If I can improve those aspects, I can really beat everyone at this club.”


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Here are a few short sections from the DVD.

Serve Return - Part II

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Check out the latest new video clip from my DVD - International Table Tennis Skills!

Serve Return

Learn it to return it!

Approximately 80% of the club players in the US admit that serve return is the weakest part of their game.  There are so many different types of serves – backhand over the shoulder, backhand under the shoulder, forehand pendulum, forehand reverse pendulum, forehand hook, forehand tomahawk, backhand tomahawk, windshield wiper serves, and a much of serves that have no names. 
Identify your nightmare serve.  Next, spend time learning how to SERVE IT YOURSELF. 

Open Your Eyes 0_0

Look at your opponent and win!

Winning tournaments isn’t merely about having fast footwork and a powerful loop.  Winning is often determined by how poorly you can make your opponent play.  In many other sports like swimming or running or weight lifting, you compete and your opponent competes.  Your job in running is to perform well yourself.  However, your job in table tennis is to hinder your opponent.  I’m going to be very blunt here…  If your opponent doesn’t miss, then you can’t score a single point! Think about that for a minute…

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One of the most commonly asked questions in table tennis is…  “How can I best return no-spin serves?”  No-spin serves appear to be very easy but can be very difficult to return.
If you want to loop your opponent’s backspin serve, you will probably be very focused, position your body very low, use lots of spin, and loop the ball onto the table successfully.  Do you have this same  approach when looping a no-spin serve?  Many players do not have the same level of concentration and many players do not use enough spin when returning a no-spin serve.


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