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Hesam Hamrahian

News Update about Ohio's #2 ranked player

Hesam Hamrahian will be moving to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates this week.  After a playing career of 5 years, Hesam has had many victorious moments at the table and really made a name for himself.  At 9 years of age, Hesam began taking lessons from Samson.  Before turning 10 years old, he was already ranked at #2 in the United States for his age with a rating over 1800.  At the age of 10, he upset Kunal Chodri to gain the title of USA Mini-Cadet B-Team.  At age 12, he also upset 2399 rated Ethan Jin at the US National Championship.  At age 12, he set a state record by becoming the youngest player to ever win the Ohio Men's Singles title.  He has progressed through the ranks and is now 2282 at 14 years of age.  
We all hope that Hesam continues to pursue table tennis excellence and reaches the Olympics some day.  Hesam plans to train in Abu Dhabi at the local club and with some top coaches on a weekly basis.  Before leaving the country, Hesam has a bit of advice that he would like to give to young aspiring champions!
Win like a man, lose like a man. Meaning, whether you lose or whether you win the match, always treat the other opponent with respect. Don’t get angry when you lose and don’t make an excessive celebration when you win.
Quality practice is more important than the amount of practice. Practicing 2 hours of quality practice is better than practicing 6 hours of normal practice.
It doesn’t matter whether you are up 10-4 or you are down 4-10. What matters is that for every point you give it your best.